A New Year’s Day Quiz

It’s an established tradition of English newspapers to publish, at each year’s end, a reader’s quiz. Usually these are based on stories carried in their columns; although occasionally, they may be more wide ranging.

A few years ago, the Globe & Mail followed suit with a similar quiz to test reader’s mettle over the New Year’s holiday. Annually CBC Radio assembles a panel of experts to be examined on the major events of the preceding year.

With all these precedents in mind, why not a A New Year’s Day Quiz in the Sackville Tribune Post? What follows will be a test with a difference. It’s designed to challenge reader’s knowledge of local history and is drawn largely from the Tantramar Flashbacks of 1998.

It’s also easy to score. There are twenty questions, each worth five points. Answers (no peeking allowed) will be found hidden somewhere in the following pages of this issue of the Trib.

  1. A local community bears the name of a British politician who won a duel in London’s Hyde Park. Who was he?
  2. List a local feature that originated with the Mi’kmaq name for this region Siknikt . Hint — try pronouncing the word.
  3. Which member of the Royal Family visited southeastern New Brunswick in 1998?
  4. Whose Table of Memories was featured to mark her 103rd birthday?
  5. Name Dorchester’s Father of Confederation.
  6. In 1849 the Westmorland and Botsford Agricultural Society sponsored the region’s first exhibition. Where was it held?
  7. Whose murder on June 19, 1832 remains unsolved?
  8. The Missaguash River and Tonge’s Island share something in common. What is it?
  9. What was Jonathan Eddy’s claim to fame?
  10. An important archival/historical resource moved from Halifax to 32 York Street, Sackville in 1998. What is it?
  11. Aside from the millennium celebrations, why is the year 2000 of historical importance to this region?
  12. Who was the balladeer from Point de Bute?
  13. For whom is the Mount Allison University football field named?
  14. Which local river was once called the Marguerite?
  15. Whose ghost reputedly haunts Hart Hall?
  16. Identify the region’s World War One Flying ace.
  17. List one of his military honors.
  18. What tragedy took place at Aulac on September 23, 1913?
  19. Where was the Church of Saint-Louis located?
  20. The town of Sackville was named for Lord Sackville. What was his position in the British cabinet of Lord North?


  1. Lord Sackville
  2. Isthmus of Chignecto or Chignecto Bay
  3. Princess Anne
  4. Mrs Clementina Godfrey’s
  5. Edward Chandler
  6. Port Elgin
  7. William Fawcett
  8. The ghost of Marguerite LeNeuf de la Valliére
  9. Leading the unsuccessful Eddy Rebellion
  10. Archives of the Maritime Conference, United Church
  11. 225th anniversary of the arrival of the Yorkdshire settlers
  12. Wilf Carter
  13. Dave MacAulay
  14. Missaguash
  15. Ethel Peake
  16. Albert Desbrisay Carter
  17. Distinguished Service Order (DSO) or the Croix de Guerre
  18. Head-on collision between two trains
  19. Fort Beausejour
  20. Colonial Secretary.