The Annual New Year’s Quiz

It has become a tradition to provide readers with a Flashback Quiz at the beginning of each New Year. The purpose is to challenge your knowledge of local history. All questions are drawn from columns published during 2000. To be helpful a few clues have been planted here and there. The quiz is easy to score there are 20 questions; each worth five points. A few questions have two parts. Count 2.5 for each correct response. Answers (no peeking allowed) will be found following the quiz.

  1. Define the word Planter as in New England Planter. The answer has nothing to do with peanuts.
  2. Who was Premier of New Brunswick on January 1st 1900? He was the MLA for Albert.County.
  3. What national organization, well represented locally, marked its 100th anniversary in February 2000?
  4. Name two of the several islands on the Marsh. They are not surrounded by water.
  5. Dorchester lays claim to not just one, but two knights of the realm. Who were they?
  6. What World War II flower was named for Sackville? It is not to be found in a garden.
  7. Something called the Grange once flourished on the Tantramar. What was it?
  8. Why is Mrs. Annie Grace Dawson remembered at Mount Allison?
  9. Who was the mysterious Mary Cannon? No, she was not a movie star.
  10. Name the designer of Canadas Maple Leaf flag.
  11. What was Michael Francklins link with Yorkshire 2000? Yes, the spelling is correct.
  12. Who was the founder of Methodism in the Maritimes?
  13. Name the oldest person at the Yorkshire 2000 Fawcett family reunion. Shes unstoppable!
  14. What summer camp was established by Dr. Emmanuel Lockhart? Where is it located?.
  15. Who was the Minudie millionaire? Give the major source of his millions.
  16. Lyman T.Chapman served as editor of a Canadian national magazine. Which one?
  17. Why was Halloween 1948 a unique celebration at Mount Allison?
  18. Who was the sculptor of the Vimy Ridge Memorial at Vimy-in-the-woods? Who was its caretaker until November 9, 2000?
  19. What was Toler Thompsons claim to fame?
  20. Who was elected to represent Westmorland in the federal election of Nov.7, 1900?

Answers to the 2000 New Year’s Quiz

  1. An eighteenth century name for settler.
  2. Hon. Henry R. Emmerson Sr. (1853–1914).
  3. The IODE. It was founded Feb. 13, 1900 in Fredericton NB.
  4. The two best known are: Tonges Island, (originally Ile de la Vallire), and Coles Island. Other examples: Dixon, Estabrooks, Huston, Sunken and Spectacle Islands. Any two will count.
  5. Sir Albert Smith (1822–1883) and Sir Pierre Landry (1846–1916).
  6. HMCS Sackville, a member of the flower class of corvettes.
  7. The Grange was a farm organization or lodge dedicated to the improvement of agriculture. It was popular on the Tantramar during the late 1800s.
  8. Better known as Annie Grace Lockhart, she was the first woman within the present Commomwealth to graduate from a university (Mount Allison).
  9. Cannon was the mistress/consort of J.F.W. Desbarres (1722?-1824), a prominent local landholder. She managed Desbarres’ estates during his absences from the colony.
  10. Dr. G.F.G. Stanley of Sackville.
  11. Francklin was another important local landowner and the first to encourage Yorkshire migration; although not all Yorkshire immigrants settled on his lands.
  12. Rev. William Black (1760–1834) sometimes referred to as Bishop Black.
  13. Marian Fawcett Locke, Weymouth Mass., originally from Upper Sackville.
  14. Camp Ta-Wa-Si at Johnston’s Point.
  15. Amos King Seaman (1788–1864) His fortune was made in the grindstone industry.
  16. The Family Herald And Weekly Star.
  17. A radio broadcast supposedly given by Winston Churchill.
  18. John O’Rourke and John Wightman
  19. The development of a drainage system that extended arable marshland by thousands of hectares.
  20. Same answer as #1 — Premier H.R. Emmerson successfully switched to federal politics in the election of Nov. 7 1900.