Annual New Year’s Flashback Quiz

  1. Who was Nicolas Denys? (a) an Acadian settler at Tintamarre, (b) once commandant at Fort Beausjour, (c) a 17th century visitor to Cap du Torment (Cape Tormentine), (d) the first New Brunswicker to play in the NHL.
  2. What landmark was destroyed by fire on Ground Hog Day, Feb. 2, 1957? (a) Mount Allison Academy, (b) Sackville High School, (c) the University Mens Residence, (d) Holy Rosary School.
  3. Where was the first meeting of the Sackville Town Council held? (a) in the Music Hall Block, (b) the Old Tribune Building, (c) the Ford Block, (d) the Town Hall.
  4. What is the objective of the Bay of Fundy Biosphere Project? (a) harnessing Fundy Tidal Power, (b) reviving the Chignecto Canal venture, (c) completing the Fundy Trail, (d) having the Upper Bay of Fundy named a UNESCO Reserve.
  5. What is Dr. Barclay MacKay’s claim to fame? (a) his expertise on UFOs, (b) being named president of Mount Allison, (c) the discovery of a rare plant species at Cape Jourimain, (d) his archaeological dig at Fort Gaspereaux.
  6. When was Allison Gardens officially opened? (a) December 10, 1920, (b) December 12, 1931, (c) December 19, 1945, (d) December 4, 1946.
  7. During 2001 Fort Beausjour celebrated three anniversaries. One of the following choices is incorrect: (a) 250th anniversary of the building of the Fort, (b) 225th aniversary of the Eddy Rebellion, (c) 75th anniversary of its designation as a National Historic Park, (d) 50th anniversary of Fort Beausjour Museum.
  8. The Pointe de Bute Grange was once an important local organization. Was it: (a) a lodge dedicated to the improvement of rural life, (b) a branch of the Temperance Union, (c) a forerunner of the Womens Institute, (d) a chapter of the IODE?
  9. Which building is said to be the oldest in Dorchester? (a) Keillor House, (b) The Bell Inn, (c) Rocklyn (Chandler house), (d) Trinity Anglican Church.
  10. Who was the Monro Heritage Centre in Port Elgin named for? (a) Mary Chapell Monro, (b) Alexander Monro, (c) Hector Monro, (d) Henry F. Monro.
  11. Why did Kinellar Napoleon visit Sackville on July 13, 1956? (a) to promote the Maritime Beef industry (b) to officially open the first Tourist Bureau (c) as part of his Trans-Canada Bicycle Tour (d) to referee a lacrosse game at Allison Gardens.
  12. Douglas How (1919–2001) was famous for many things; one of which was a satirical novel based on a Tantramar community. Did Blow Up The Trumpet In The New Moon feature (a) Port Elgin (b) Westcock (c) Jolicure or (d) Dorchester?
  13. Which magazine was edited by Lyman T. Chapman (1897–1980): (a) The Family Herald (b) MacLeans (c) Canadian Homes & Gardens or (d) The Fisheries Gazette?
  14. Who was responsible for marking the first Thanksgiving in what is present day Canada? (a) Jacques Cartier, (b) Sir Martin Frobisher, (c) Samuel de Champlain or (d) Charles de la Tour.
  15. Of whom was it said: His monument is all around us, yet not in these handsome and commodious buildings but in the advanced state of education as it now exists in our land. (a) Dr. Humphrey Pickard, (b) Dr. Ralph Pickard Bell, (c) Dr. Winthrop Pickard Bell or (d) Dr. Alexander Graham Bell.
  16. Which Sackville Senator served with distinction in World War One? (a) Amos Botsford, (b) Josiah Wood, (c) F. B. Black or (d) A. B. Copp?
  17. Canadas Vimy Ridge War Memorial was officially dedicated in 1936. By whom? (a) King George V, (b) Prime Minister R.B. Bennett, (c) Prime Minister Mackenzie King or (d) King Edward VIII?
  18. Constable Reuben of Sackville’s Police Department made an important arrest in late February 1998. Where did this take place? (a) at the NB-NS border, (b) the Tantramarsh Club, (c) Sunken Island (d) Confederation Bridge?
  19. December 16, 1941 is etched in memory on the Tantramar. Why? (a) for the commissioning of HMCS Sackville, (b) the loss by fire of the University Mens Residence, (c) the US Declaration of War on Japan, (d) the loss, by enemy action, of the Canada-Newfoundland ferry Caribou?
  20. Which of the following Christmas Carols was undoubtedly sung on the Tantramar, Christmas Day 1776: (a) Hark The Herald Angels Sing, (b) The Huron Christmas Carol, (c) Adeste Fidelis, (d) I Saw Three Ships Come Sailing In?

Answers to the Flashback Quiz:

  1. c
  2. b
  3. c
  4. d
  5. a
  6. d
  7. d
  8. a
  9. b
  10. b
  11. a
  12. d
  13. a
  14. b
  15. a
  16. c
  17. d
  18. c
  19. b
  20. a

The answer to #5 requires clarification. Dr. Barclay MacKay was the creation of former Tribune Post editor, Lourdes Richard. A UFO specialist, avid photographer and computer guru, he reputedly visits Sackville only on April 1st.