About Tantramar Heritage Trust

Annual Report 2021-22

Tantramar Heritage Trust 2021-22 Annual Report


Tantramar Heritage Trust By-laws

Mission Statement

  • to promote the preservation of heritage resources in the Tantramar Region

Vision Statement

  • to stimulate public interest in the history of the Tantramar Region and its heritage resources


  • Value the history, people, places and heritage properties of the Tantramar Region
  • Contribute to the knowledge and understanding of the Tantramar Region
  • Bring about awareness through engaging and interactive programmes
  • Facilitate outreach and new membership opportunities
  • Engage community members and visitors of diverse and multi-generational backgrounds

Strategic Directions and Priorities

  • Education and Outreach and Awareness
  • Finances and Fundraising
  • Collections and Exhibits
  • Capital Projects and Maintenance
  • Membership and Volunteers
  • Community Partnerships

History of Tantramar Heritage Trust