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The area in and around Sackville, New Brunswick, is particularly rich in history. This data base lists buildings of historic and/or architectural interest and importance in the region. Where sites are identified by a historical marker the text of the marker is given in full. Almost 50 of these sites are listed in the Canadian Register of Historic Places; where this is the case a link is provided to the listing in the Register. For many of the sites sources of further information are suggested.

There are three ways to access this data:

1. By using the ALPHABETICAL INDEX of buildings and sites.

2. By clicking on locations in this map of the area.

Within each location buildings and sites are listed in chronological order.

3. By using the following chronological listing of buildings and sites:

This website is primarily intended as a guide to existing historic buildings and sites in the Tantramar area. Unfortunately over the years there are many heritage buildings that have been demolished or otherwise destroyed; they do not appear in the above data base. However, for the historical record, a listing of such buildings is maintained under Gone But Not Forgotten.

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