Beal/Rogers House

Photo: Maurice LeGallais.

A view of the house c.1892.

Beal/Rogers House
Pond Shore Road, Middle Sackville


This house which overlooked Morice’s Mill Pond (Silver Lake) was built in the 1830s by William Beal (1811-1879) who as a small boy had emigrated to Canada from Yorkshire with his parents in 1817. William married Prudence Barnes and in this house they raised their five children. After William’s death in 1879 Prudence continued to live here. In 1904 she sold the house to George Rogers, an employee of the Campbell Carriage Factory.George Rogers brought his first wife Percilla here but she died at the age of 33. His son Abner was born to his second wife Flossie Estabrooks in 1917. Abner Rogers lived his whole life in the house, and here he and his wife Margaret raised their family. In 1998 they moved to a special care home, leaving the house vacant.
After having been sold to Mr. Harold Lister of Parrsboro, N.S., in 2000 the house was dismantled. The pieces of the frame were labelled and placed in storage with the intention of reassembling the building at a future date.

Photo: Al Smith

House in process of demolition, 2000

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See also Jackson, K. and C. Scobie, Sackville Then and Now: New Brunswick’s Oldest Town in Photographs (Sackville, N.B.: Tantramar Heritage Trust/Town of Sackville Heritage Board, 2013), p.91.

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