Chapman House

Chapman House, Mount Whatley Road,
Fort Lawrence, N.S. 
This house was built c.1780 by members of the family of Yorkshire settler William Chapman, in the Georgian architectural style of the period. The two storey structure was constructed of locally made bricks and is one of the oldest continuously occupied houses in Canada.
Chapman House was declared a National Historic Site in 1968. A stone cairn with a plaque, placed by Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada, is located at the side of Mount Whatley Road a short way from the driveway leading up to the house.

William Chapman, a pre-Loyalist immigrant from Yorkshire, built this house in the late 1770’s from local materials. It has been occupied by Chapman and his descendants for almost two centuries and, although slightly modified, it still preserves the basic form and many of the details of a prosperous late 18th century farmhouse.William Chapman, qui immigra du Yorkshire avant la venue des Loyalistes, érigea cette maison vers la fin des années 1770 à l’aide de matériaux pris sur ces lieux. Occupée, avec quelques changements, depuis près de deux siècles par ses descendants elle se présente toujours sous son aspect original et les caractéristiques d’une confortable maison de ferme de la fin du XVIIIe siècle.
Chapman House National Historic Site of Canada.

Cumberland County Genealogical Society Unique architecture found in Fort Lawrence.

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