Flemington Building

Flemington Building,
62 York Street, Sackville, N.B. 
When opened in October 1931 this was a science building housing the departments of both biology and chemistry. Though containing modern facilities and equipment its exterior was in a traditional Tudor Gothic style. The work of noted Maritime architect Andrew R. Cobb it was intended to blend with the nearby 1927 Memorial Library also designed by Cobb.When the Chemistry Department moved to its own new building in 1968 this building then housed only the Biology Department.

In 1970 it was renamed the Flemington Building in honour of W.T. Ross Flemington, a long-time member of the Mount Allison community and President of the University from 1945 to 1962.

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On W.T. Ross Flemington see Past Presidents on the Mount Allison web site.

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