Hammond Studio

Hammond Studio,
82 York Street, Sackville, N.B. 
The Hammond Studio stands behind the Hammond/Black House at 82 York Street, the home built by John Hammond when he came to Sackville in 1893 to teach fine arts. The property had originally belonged to the Pickard family and the Pickard barn was still standing. Hammond reconstructed it to serve as his summer studio, adding to the structure the large porch supported by six massive pillars of local red sandstone.Mount Allison University acquired the studio along with the house in 1957 and it is now part of the “Bermuda House” residence.
John Hammond made this his “Summer Studio” in 1903. Born in Montreal in 1843, Hammond studied art in Europe, exhibited widely and had become Director of the Owens Art Institution in Saint John. When the Owens collection came to Mount Allison in 1893, Hammond joined the Ladies College and established his studio in the new gallery. His house was built on the site once occupied by Humphrey Pickard, and it was Pickard’s barn he reconstructed 7 years later with oversized window, 14′ fireplace, guest rooms and pillared verandah from which he could view the Cumberland Basin. By 1909 it was sold to the Ryans, 3 years later to the Blacks, and in 1957 to Mount Allison.

Plaque placed by Mount Allison University, and unveiled by President Wayne MacKay on 24 November 2002 


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