L’Île-de-la-Vallière/Tonge’s Island

Ile de la Valière from Fort Lawrence with the Missiguash in the foregroundIle de la Valière/Tonge’s Island is situated on Brown Road, off Aulac Road in the Beauséjour Marsh just west of the Missaguash River (between Aulac and Fort Lawrence).
In 1676, Michel le Neuf de la ValliËre was granted land on the Chignecto Isthmus and built and developed a settlement on an “island” in the marsh just west of the Missiguash River. In 1678 la ValliËre became the governor of Acadia and this site became the capital of Acadia. It remained so until 1684 when the French stripped la ValliËre of his governership.A monument with a historical marker (below) is situated is situated in the Fort Beauséjour National Historic Site.

Jadis capitale de l’Acadie, située entre Fort Beausjour et Fort Lawrence. Concédée en 1676 à Michel LeNeuf de la Vallière, Seigneur de Chignecto, qui remplit les fonctions de commandant et gouverneur sous le Comte de Frontenac, 1678-84.Once capital of Acadia, situated between Fort Beauséjour and Fort Lawrence. Granted to Michel LeNeuf de la Vallière, Seigneur of Chignecto, 1676. There he acted as Commandant and Governor under Count de Frontenac, 1678-84.

Marker placed by Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada, in 1927.
This location was designated as a National Historic Site of Canada in 1925, and is listed in the Canadian Register of Historic Places; for fuller details see Tonge’s Island National Historic Site of Canada

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