Memorial Library Monument

1927 – 2011This circular monument, erected in 2016, commemorates the Mount Allison University Memorial Library building which occupied this site at 152 Main Street, Sackville, N.B. from 1927 to 2011 until it was demolished to make way for the Purdy Crawford Centre for the Arts building, opened in 2014, seen in the background of this picture.
The circular memorial contains two plaques. This plaque features an impression of the former Memorial Library.

The other plaque (below) summarizes the history of the site.

Memorial Library – University Centre

The location of the Purdy Crawford Centre for the Arts
has a rich and varied history. The Memorial Library
first opened on this site June 8, 1927, in honour of Allisonians who lost their lives
in the First World War. This symbol of remembrance grew to include those who
fought in later wars as well.

When it opened it was the Universityís first building dedicated to library services.
It served that purpose until the opening of the Ralph Pickard Bell Library in
October 1970.

At that time, the Memorial Library building was converted into the Student Centre
and Windsor Theatre and served as the focal point for student activities until 2008,
when the Wallace McCain Student Centre was completed. Bronze plaques honouring
Allisonians who served and sacrificed during war, once displayed in the original
Memorial Library, now have a place of honour in the Student Centre.

Leroux, John and Thaddeus Holownia, A Vision in Wood and Stone: The Architecture of Mount Allison University (Kentville, N.S.: Gaspereau Press, 2016), pp.82-86.

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