Middle Sackville Central School

Middle Sackville Central School
68 Church Street, Sackville, N.B.
Middle Sackville Central School is a large two-story grey wooden building with steeply pitched gable roof, constructed in 1894 among much controversy in School District No.11.The lot was acquired and construction began in August 1894. A fire while the building was still under construction delayed the start of classes until January 1895. The teacher, George Mortion, was hired from outside the area.

In May 1907 the School Board decided to build a larger school. This building was auctioned in July 1908 and bought by builder Gaius Richardson who took exactly half of the building and used the materials in the construction of his new house, on the same site.

This site is listed in the Canadian Register of Historic Places; for fuller details see Middle Sackville Central School.

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