NB Tel Building

NB Tel Building
32 York Street, Sackville, N.B.


In December 1924 the New Brunswick Telephone Company opened this building as its new telephone exchange. Designed by architect F. Neil Brodie of St. John the building features brick with olive stone trimmings. With the change over to dial equipment more space was needed and in 1961 a one-storey structure was erected behind the original exchange.In 1963 the Maritime Conference of the United Church of Canada took over the building and adapted it to serve as its head office. An addition was built at the rear of the building in the 1970s and it was used to house the Maritime Conference Archives which were moved here from Halifax. An access ramp was placed at the front of the building.

After the Maritime Conference and Archives moved to their new location at 21 Wright Street the building was acquired by Atlantic Industries to serve as their headquarters. The building was extensively restored in 2011-2012 in accordance with a plan approved by the Town of Sackville Heritage Board (including the colour scheme). The ramp was removed from the front of the building and the original access stair to the front door restored.

This building is within the Town of Sackville Municipal Heritage Conservation Area A.

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