Powell Fairley House


Powell Fairley House
38 York Street, Sackville
Built c.1885 the house was owned by lawyer Henry R. Powell who sold it to a widow, Sarah Fairley in 1891. There followed a succession of owners including sea captain Benjamin McHaffey. It became part of the C.C. Avard estate, was willed to Mount Allison University in 1982 and served as a residence for several professors. Sold by the University in 1994, the ground level was thereafter used for commercial purposes, first for “Jacob’s Larder” and then for the present “Cackling Goose Market.”The original three storey building with its high-pitched roof shows characteristics of the Queen Anne Revival style. Many changes have taken place, however, especially since the ground floor has been used as a shop. The original main entrance was on the left side. The central entrance is new as are the larger windows. In 2011 the facade was re-sided in yellow vinyl in a colour scheme approved by the Town of Sackville Heritage Board. A small addition was also built at the right rear.
This building is within the Town of Sackville Municipal Heritage Conservation Area A.

For information on the present occupants see Cackling Goose Market.

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