A Country Store and More: Joseph L. Black & Sons, 1830s–1960s

by Larry Black

A Country Store and More is the story of three generations of a Middle Sackville, New Brunswick, family in Business, Military, Political, Church, Education, and Community Affairs.

The author has uniquely intertwined the story of the Black family and its many businesses into the social and economic development of the Town of Sackville and outlying regions. As merchants, farmers, lumbermen, soldiers and industrialists, the Blacks influenced the economic, social and political evolution of their times, not just locally, but regionally and, at times, nationally.

Joseph Laurence (Larry) Black is uniquely qualified to tell this tale. As a member of the family he has had unequalled access to their story, both oral and written. As a distinguished historian and scholar, he possesses the insight and ability to craft from this material a vibrant portrait of a community and a society making the transition from pioneer village to modern times.

252 pages including 48 photos and illustrations and a listing of personal names mentioned in the text, launched Feb. 11, 2012.

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