Surrounded by Smart Women

by Larry Black

The Trust launched Surrounded By Smart Women on February 18th, 2017, its 31st publication. The 166 page book details the lives of two Maritime Women: Statira Caldwell McDonald and her daughter Gwendolyn McDonald Black.

The story begins in Wolfville, N.S., in 1876 with the birth of Statira and ends in Sackville, N.B., with Gwen’s death in 2005. With bits of family lore and occasional warm humour, the author carefully chronicles the significant events in the lives of these two women from Acadia University, to a Parsonage in Alberta, Lasell Junior College for Women in Auburndale, Massachusetts; Mount Allison Ladies’ College, and the Canadian Federation of University Women.

The narrative is a compelling story of mother and daughter’s ability to maintain very high standards as professionals while working through adversity and at the same time being wives and mothers. Both women were well ahead of their time in promoting women’s education and activism.

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