Map of Tantramar Historical Sites and Photographs

The Research Centre, as a project for Heritage Week 2021, created an interactive map to depict various historical sites and locations within the Tantramar region.  We will continue to add additional points and welcome any suggestions and photographs.  Please contact us at

Map of Tantramar Historical Sites & Photographs.

Historical Sites

The area in and around Sackville, New Brunswick, is particularly rich in history. This list is of buildings of historic and/or architectural interest and importance in the region. Where sites are identified by a historical marker, the text of the marker is given in full.

Almost 50 of these sites are listed in the Canadian Register of Historic Places; where this is the case a link is provided to the listing in the Register. For many of the sites, sources of further information are suggested.

Entries in italics indicate buildings no longer standing.

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Name Year
Acadian Settlement of Tintamarre 1708-1755
Acadian Village of Beaubassin 1672-1750
Adelia Calhoun House 1913
Anchorage Carriage House 1893
Anchorage, The 1892
Ancient Portage Route Precolonial
Anderson Octagonal House 1855
Anglican Church Rectory 1880
Bandstand, Town of Sackville 1910
Baxter House 1910
Beal/Rogers House 1830
Beaubassin National Historic Site 1672-1750
Bennett Building 1956
Bicentennial Province of New Brunswick Plaque 1984
Bill Johnstone Memorial Park 2003
Booster Pump 1919
Boultenhouse House 1840
Bowser/Hillcrest House 1880s
Bulmer House 1792
Cahill Block/Mel’s Tea Room 1913
Campbell Carriage Factory 1838
Campbell Hall 2004
Captain John Purdy House 1877
Captain Peter Hanson House 1897
Captain Thomas Egan House 1892
Captain Wilson Estabrooks House 1890
C. C. Avard House 1947
Centennial Hall 1883
Chapman House 1780
Charles Frederick Allison Plaque 1966
Charles G. D. Roberts Monument 2005
Chester Cole Memorial 1996
Christopher Milner House 1850
Cogswell, Misses, Cottage 1897
Colville House 1879
Copp Block 1897
Copp House 1896
Copp’s, Dr, House 1895
Copper Beech 1930s
Cranewood 1836
Cuthbertson House 1894
DesBarres House (1951) 1951
DesBarres House (1907) 1907
Dixon Block 1857
Donald Shives Fisher House 1888
Doull Cottage 1886
Easterbrooks House 1800
Enterprise Foundry 1872
Fawcett Block 1913
Fleming, Dr. Alexander, House 1864
Flemington Building 1931
Ford Block 1894
Ford House 1880
Fort Beauséjour/Fort Cumberland 1750
Fort Lawrence 1750-1755
Four Corners Burying Ground 1763
Gairdner Building 1965
George E. Ford House 1900
Grace Annie Lockhart Monument 1993
Hammond/Black House 1896
Hammond Studio 1903
Hanson Block I 1927
Hanson Block II 1927
Hart Hall 1910
Hart, Dr. E. R. House 1910
Henderson Block 1900
Henrietta McCord Cottage 1884
Herbert Tracy Block 1900
Hiawatha Dixon House 1898
History of Middle Sackville/Tintamarre Kiosk 2003
HMCS Sackville 1941
Hugh Gallagher House 1831
L’Île-de-la-Vallière/Tonge’s Island 1676
Intercolonial Railway Station 1907
Irving Service Station 1936
James R. Inch House 1882
Jacob (Jacques) Bourgeois Memorial 2004
Jean-Jacques Mouton Plaque 2005
John Burwash House I 1880
John Burwash House II 1884
John E. Fillmore House I 1901
John E. Fillmore House II 1901
John E. Fillmore House III 1901
John Hammond House 1909
John Johnson House 1899
Joseph F. Allison House 1841
Joseph Lamb House 1800
Joseph Thompson House 1800
Ladies’ College Park/Swan Pond 1854
Landing of Baptists from Swansea, Massachusetts 1763
Lower Sackville Methodist Cemetery 1836
MacGregor House 1880
Main Street Baptist Church 1763
Marjorie Young Bell Conservatory of Music 1966
Marjorie Young Bell Convocation Hall 1966
Marshview Middle School/Sackville High School 1951
Marshlands Inn 1854
M. E. Goodwin Building 1922
Memorial Library Monument 1927-2011
Methodism in Canada Memorial 1925
Methodist Chapel and Churches in Point de Bute 1788
Middle Sackville Baptist Church 1763
Middle Sackville Central School 1894
Middle Sackville Methodist Burying Ground 1788
Middle Sackville Methodist Chapel 1790
Middle Sackville Superior School 1907
Miller Block 1913
Morice House 1821
Morice’s Mills 1821
Mount Allison Athletic Centre 1961
Mount Allison University 1839
Mount Allison University Chapel 1965
Mount Allison Memorial Library 1927
Mount View Church Hall 1898
NB Tel Building 1924
Oscar Tracy Block 1870
Paisley, Dr. Charles, House 1903
Palmer Hall 1934
Palmer Restaurant 1923
Point de Bute Cemetery 1788
Powell Block 1886
Powell Fairley House 1885
President’s Cottage 1857
Rainnie House 1932
Ralph Pickard Bell Library 1970
Rev. William Black Plaque 1925
Ronald Campbell House 1850
Sackville Bowling Alley 1938
Sackville Cenotaph 1922
Sackville Centennial Monument 2004
Sackville Central School 1958
Sackville Harness Shop 1846
Sackville Memorial Garden 2010
Sackville Memorial Hospital 1946
Sackville Memorial Park 1910
Sackville Methodist/United Church 1875
Sackville Paper Box Company 1902
Sackville Public Library 1984
Sackville Rural Cemetery 1864
Sackville’s Shipbuilding Era Monument 2006
Sackville United Church 1924
Sackville Wharves 1840
Silas W. Copp House 1890
Sprague House 1910
Standard Manufacturing General Store 1895
Stewart, Dr. Charles House 1882
St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church 1905
St. Ann’s Anglican Church 1817
St. Mark Anglican Church & Cemetery 1794
St. Paul’s Anglican Church, Sackville 1856
Thomas Bowser House 1850
Thomas Dixson Plaque 1938
Thomas Murray House 1894
Thomas Pickard House 1854
Tingley Family Gravestone 1770
Toler Thompson Gravestone 1972
Tribune Building 1906
Trueman-Dixon House 1886
Upper Sackville United Church 1883
Vimy Ridge Monument 1928
Vogue Cinema 1946
W. Albert Smith House 1830
Wallace McCain Student Centre/Trueman House 1946
Weldon House 1858
West Apartment House 1906
Wheaton Covered Bridge 1916
William Chapman Monument 1939
William Fawcett House 1800
Windsor Quad 1960
Wood Block 1914
Yorkshire Immigration Plaque 1927
Yorkshire Settlers Monument 1975