The Legacy: Plaques and Memorials

(updated to 1 April 2002)

The Yorkshire 2000 Legacy Committee under the Board of the Tantramar Heritage Trust have sponsored the following projects as a legacy of the Yorkshire 2000 gathering held August 3-10, 2000.


William Chapman Memorial Cairn

The William Chapman Memorial cairn in Point de Bute Cemetery, Point de Bute was completely restored and the bronze plaque cleaned in July 2000. The work was done by the Trust via a donation from the Chapman family. The Cairn was rededicated during the Chapman family reunion held August 8, 2000 during the Yorkshire 2000 celebrations. The photo on the right shows the unveiling of the restored cairn. Chapman Memorial Cairn


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New Archway to Methodist Burying Ground (1788), Middle Sackville

In the fall of 2000, a new archway was erected, including a commemorative plaque to Yorkshire 2000, at the Methodist Burying Ground (1788), Middle Sackville. The project was carried out in partnership between the Trust’s Yorkshire 2000 Legacy Committee, Main Street Redevelopment Sackville Inc., and Sackville United Church of Canada. The archway was dedicated on 23 September 2001.
Chapman Memorial Cairn
View of the dedication service
For further information see METHODIST CEMETERY in the Tantramar Historic Sites section.


River Philip, N.S. – Yorkshire Settlement Plaque

Yorkshire Settlers Plaque
Plaque to Yorkshire Settlers at River Philip
A bronze plaque was produced by the Legacy Committee and provided to Eleanor Ripley-Barrow in River Philip in October 2001. The plaque will be installed by Eleanor and her local committee. The location of the plaque will likely be on or near the River Philip United church.


Salisbury, N.B. – Yorkshire Settlement Plaque

With the co-operation of Bing Geldart of Salisbury, N.B., the Legacy Committee produced a bronze plaque for installation at the Five-Points Cemetery (across the Petitcodiac River from Salisbury) in the area where eight families from Yorkshire settled. The plaque has been delivered and Bing Geldart will be supervising its installation to a large stone that he had placed in the cemetery last fall. Installation should be complete in the spring of 2002. Salisbury Plaque