Thomas Bowser House

Thomas Bowser House
24 York Street, Sackville
The date of this house is uncertain. It has been associated with the early settler Thomas Bowser (1743-1816) who is said to have built it in 1808. Others feel that a mid-19th century date might be more appropriate.The building has certainly undergone many changes over the years. The extension on the east side, the bow window, the central 2-storey porch/balcony/gable, and the porch on the west side are probably all additions to the original building.

From 1904 until 1961 the house belonged to the Secord family – Dr.J.H.Secord, then after his death in 1940 his widow and daughter Irene. From the mid-1980s on the ground floor has been used for commercial purposes: Trenholm’s Ladies Wear, The Flower Boutique, and currently “Blooms” flower shop.

This building is within the Town of Sackville Municipal Heritage Conservation Area A.

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