Foundries of Sackville NB

The Places, Products, Processes, and People

by Susan Amos

Foundries of Sackville NB tells the story of a major presence in the community of Sackville, New Brunswick, for over 150 years. The establishment of the foundries in the latter part of the 19th century marked a shift in the town from an agricultural and mercantile economy to one more industrialized in nature. Thousands of employees over eight generations made products such as wood stoves, furnaces, and room heaters, which were sold not only in Canada but throughout the world.

In this book, you will learn about the highlights of Sackville’s three foundries: Fawcett’s, Enterprise, and Enterprise Fawcett. What were their major milestones? What did the foundries make and how did they make them? What about the stories of the people who worked there? How did the foundries influence the community in which they built their success? And how can Sackville honour and celebrate this part of its heritage?

At last, the story of Sackville’s foundries is brought together in one place. With photos on almost every page and a simple writing style, this book is accessible to all.

“I read every word and looked at every picture/illustration, and thoroughly enjoyed every one of them. This is the most interesting and accessible work that has yet been done on a Sackville story, and I bet the response will be tremendous. Congratulations and thanks!” – Eugene Goodrich, local historian

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