Captain Peter Hanson House

Captain Peter Hanson House
57 Bridge Street, Sackville, N.B.
Built in 1897, this house is an excellent example of the Queen Anne Revival style. The front façade, clad with wooden shingles in many distinctive patterns, is asymmetrical and includes two-story bays, with the second bay supporting a triangular pediment at the roof line. It is painted in yellow shades typical of the Victorian period. Spindles and other ornamentations are found decorating the dormer and inset porch.The original owner, Peter Hanson, was born in Sweden, and spent many years as a sea captain before settling in Sackville where he became a noted businessman and politician; he also served for 24 years as Customs Collector for the Port of Sackville.
This site is listed in the Canadian Register of Historic Places ; for fuller details see Captain Peter Hanson House

This building is within the Town of Sackville Municipal Heritage Conservation Area A

“Exploring a heritage house built in 1897 for Captain Peter Hanson,” Sackville Tribune-Post, 25 January 2006, p.9.

For the Hanson House as an example of the Queen Anne Revival architectural style see Sackville Heritage Architecture Style Guide Section 9: QUEEN ANNE REVIVAL.

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