Ford House

The Ford House, 68 Bridge Street,
Sackville, N.B. 
This house was built in 1880 by Sackville businessman George E.Ford (1848-1928). An earlier brick house and store were demolished to make way for the new building. In 1894 Ford built the Ford Block at 96-100 Main StreetThe house is a splendid example of the Second Empire architectural style and has been lovingly restored and maintained by the present owners. The typical concave Mansard roof, with decorated dormer windows, is topped by a hip roof. The one storey bay windows on the south and west sides have ornamental brackets, and there are pairs of decorative brackets below the Mansard roof. On the west side, facing downtown, is a two and a half storey projecting tower with a mansard roof, small round topped dormer windows, and a one-storey bay at the base. Next to the porch on the east side an Arts and Crafts window is a later addition.
This building is within the Town of Sackville Municipal Heritage Conservation Area A.

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For the Ford House as an example of the Second Empire architectural style see Sackville Heritage Architecture Style Guide Section 5: SECOND EMPIRE.

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