Bulmer House

Watercolour of Bulmer House by Rod Mattatal, 2007

29 Queen’s Road, Sackville, N.B.

George Bulmer was only 12 years old in 1772 when he sailed from Yorkshire on the Duke of York with Charles and Sarah Dixon. William Freeze, the stone mason with whom young George apprenticed, was also on board.

In 1784, his apprenticeship complete, George married Susannah Dixon. The same year, the couple purchased shares #9-11 of the Township of Sackville, and built a log cabin where Salem Street now meets Queen’s Road.

By 1792, George Bulmer had arranged for timbers to be sawn at the mill on Lower Mill Stream and built what was said to be the first frame house in Sackville, which is now known as the Bulmer House.

Beginning in 1842, George’s sons James and Nelson, as well as Jonathan Black, sold 10 acres of land in three parcels to Christopher Boultenhouse. The Bulmer House was subsequently used by Christopher Boultenhouse as a kitchen, after having attached his newly built house to it.

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