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Tantramar Heritage Trust Launches New Publication

The Trust is pleased to announce a new publication Sackville’s Roarin’ Game – A 125 Year History of the Sackville Curling Club by Al Smith. A formal book launch is not be possible due to COVID-19 restrictions but a Drive-by Book Sale will happen on Sunday afternoon, November 1, 2020 between 2-4pm using the circular driveway in front of the Boultenhouse Heritage Centre. Simply enter the driveway from the side closest to Main Street and stop at the front door of the Boultenhouse house, where there will an opportunity to meet the author and have your book signed. A sales area will be set up in front of the Heritage Centre. Cost of the book is $15.00.

Established in November 1895, the Sackville Curling Club played its first games on a skating rink. A proper curling rink was built in 1896, the first of three that have housed the club during its 125-year history.

Initially, members of the club were all male, a cross section of business and academic elite of the community. Apart from a brief inroad by women in 1909 and 1910, it remained an “old boys club” for a long time. With the opening of the third (and current) curling rink in 1949, women curlers formed their own organization, but were not fully integrated into the administration of the club until amalgamation in 1979.

Considered to be a primarily recreational curling club, the Sackville Curling Club has nonetheless produced over 40 championship teams, including national champions. To date, four inductees into the Sackville Sports Wall of Fame are curlers.

The 133 page book traces the full 125 year history of the Sackville Curling Club from the organizational years to the present day. The Sackville Curling Club was the 10th curling club to be established in New Brunswick. The Tantramar Heritage Trust is very pleased to present this history of the Sackville Curling Club as its 35th publication.

After November 1, the book will be available at the Boultenhouse Heritage Centre retailing for $16. For more information, please contact the Tantramar Heritage Trust.



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