Sackville’s 250th Anniversary, 2012

The Tantramar and its vast marshlands were long home to the Miíkmaq people, and over 300 years ago Acadians began dyking these saltmarshes establishing their own agrarian lifestyle, but in 2012 the 250th anniversary celebrated the beginning of “Sackville” as a New England planter township. The Tantramar Heritage Trust made several major contributions to this significant anniversary.

This section of the Trust’s web site preserves historical studies and documentation originally developed for the Sackville 250 commemoration.


During 2012 a series of articles by Dr. Paul Bogaard on the origins and early years of Sackville Township was published by the Sackville Tribune Post . All six of these articles can now be accessed here. Please click on the individual titles below.

  1. Sackville: The FIRST Town in all New Brunswick!
  2. Sackville: May we settle by the ORCHARD?
  3. Sackville: Which Planter FAMILIES take root?
  4. Sackville: Was it for the LAND?
  5. Sackville: Puzzling over Mill RIGHTS?
  6. How to Secure your Share of Sackville

See also The Founding Years of Sackville Township by Amy Fox, Researcher, Tantramar Heritage Trust, September 2011.


Click on the title of each document to access in PDF format.

  1. PLANTERS LIST — A complete listing of all the PLANTER families/individuals who at some stage were granted land in Sackville township, prepared by Paul Bogaard. It is compiled from several different lists in Jim Snowdon’s Footprints in the Marsh Mud: Politics and Land Settlement in the Township of Sackville 1760–1800 (Sackville: Tantramar Heritage Trust, 2000), and other primary source material he did not have.
  2. 1759 LIST — The first listing of potential townships, by Governor Lawrence. From a dispatch to the Lords of Trade, London, 20 September 1759. It contains the first appearance (so far as we know) of the name “Sackville”.
  3. 1767 RETURN — Michael Francklin’s “General Return of the several Townships in the Province of Nova Scotia”, 1 January 1767.