Sackville United Church

Sackville United Church
110 Main Street, Sackville, N.B. 
For the earlier history of this site and building see below. From 1963 to 2012 it housed the Sackville Town Hall. With the opening of the new Town Hall at 31 Main Street in March 2012 this building was placed on the market and purchased by Lafford Realty.For a number of years the congregation of Sackville United Church struggled with problems of declining numbers, financial difficulties and the deterioration of the church building located next to this building at 112 Main Street. Finally, in 2012 they accepted an offer by which Lafford Realty became owners of the church building and surrounding property while they acquired this building along with a financial settlement which enabled them to repurpose it as the new home of Sackville United Church.
Once the Amasa Killam property, granted in 1765, this site has contained a number of commercial stores including the Crane-Allison store. The intersection has long been called Crane’s Corner. Other stores operating at this site were Smith & McKelvie, Lindsay & Vickery, George E. Ford and Dr. J.W. Sangster. A Post Office and Customs Office were located here for over 100 years. In 1924 the Dominion Government Building was constructed which included a Post Office, Customs Office and Janitor’s living quarters. The Unemployment Commission joined them in 1958. In March of 1963 the Postal Department moved to the new federal building and the Town of Sackville took over the building. Since then the building has housed the town hall offices, council chambers, town library, court house and police station.
Plaque placed by Town of Sackville, in 1999.


This building is within the Town of Sackville Municipal Heritage Conservation Area A.

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