Standard Manufacturing General Store

Standard Manufacturing General Store
332 Main Street, Sackville, N.B.
Built in 1895 by James Ayer, this was an excellent example of a multi-storied wooden industrial building in the Greek Revival style, with elements of
Queen Anne decoration. The store supplied goods to employees and familes of the Standard Manufacturing Company, later A.E. Wry – Standard, Limited.In 1939, the property was acquired by the J. L. Black Company after their main store and warehouse were burned to the ground. The J. L. Black Company had operated in Middle Sackville since 1847. They carried on a wholesale and retail merchandising business here until 1962 when the building was converted into an antique store. After its sale in the 1970s various efforts were made to preserve the building but the cost of maintenance and restoration proved to be prohibitive.
In September 2011 the rear part of the building collapsed during tropical storm Irene. Shortly thereafter it was condemned as unsafe and demolished.

Although previously listed on the Canadian Register of Historic Places, the entry was removed with the demolition of the building.

Rear of the store showing damage caused by tropical storm Irene in September 2011 


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