Yorkshire Settlers Monument


Commemorative stone,
in Point de Bute Cemetery,
Point de Bute, Highway 16, N.B.
This stone commemorates the Yorkshire immigration to this area in 1772-1775, and the ongoing contribution which these settlers made and their descendants continue to make.Marker placed by Yorkshire descendants in 1975.
Top: 1775-1975. In memory of the settlers who came to the Chignecto isthmus in the Yorkshire immigration 1772-1775.

Sides: [1] They subdued the land and were fruitful.

[2] Here stays good Yorkshire.

[3] Howard L. Trueman 1897-1992/Winnifred Lewis 1896-1980/Albert W. Trueman 1902/Jean Miller 1903/Edith Lewis 1903-1985, second wife of Howard L. Trueman.

[4] Louise Vanduyn Trueman 1904/Hon. Capt. Alfred Seaman 1910-1944, Canadian Military Cemetery, Beny-sur-Mer, France.


Hamilton, Bill, “Here stays good Yorkshire,” Sackville Tribune-Post, 26 July 2000.

For a list of all interments in this cemetery see Point de Bute Methodist Cemetery on Find A Grave web site.

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