Boultenhouse House

Boultenhouse House,
29B Queens Road, Sackville, N.B.

Photo: Shaun Cunningham


Local shipbuilder Christopher Boultenhouse built this Greek Revival style mansion c.1840.The property was acquired by the Tantramar Heritage Trust in 2001. Along with the Bulmer House which forms the “back ell” and is in fact an earlier Georgian farmhouse, dating from about 1790, it was renovated and opened in 2006 as the Boultenhouse Heritage Centre.The Anderson Octagonal House, a unique octagonal house constructed by Captain George Anderson in 1855, was moved to this site in 2012 to become a further component part of the Boultenhouse Heritage Centre.In the grounds of the Boultenhouse House there is a monument and plaque, and a nautical flagpole commemorating Sackville’s Shipbuilding Era”.
c. 1840
Boultenhouse House
A Georgian style mansion built by Christopher Boultenhouse, one of the prime shipwrights in the Sackville area. The house overlooked his shipyard where his crews built over 40 ships between 1840 and 1875.Second owner, Captain Stephen Atkinson, sailed the world for many years.Part of the property became the site of the Sackville High School in 1950.

Plaque placed by Town of Sackville, in 2000


The Boultenhouse House is listed in the Canadian Register of Historic Places ; see Boultenhouse Heritage Centre

On the opening of the Boultenhouse Heritage Centre see The White Fence, 33 (December 2006).

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